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Apphaulic is recognized as one of the best Mobile Game Development Company.

When it comes to addictive and engaging online games, Apphaulic’s legion of top Game App developers is what you need on your side. With extensive experience in Game App development of online games of diverse genres from Quizzes to RPGs, we simply are the best in business. Apphaulic is a team of experienced Game App developers where every individual is rated among the top in the industry.

  • Engaging gameplay with high repeat user rate
  • 2D, 3D and Isometric games for iOS, Android and Facebook.
  • Integration with social media for increased virality.
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance

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We integrate the best game app developer to drive positive results

Innovative App Features

Drive growth, productivity, and engagement with a Feature-Rich App


The Physics feature allows all in game movements to replicate the laws of physics allowing game users to experience real life look and feel at all times.


Integrating an intelligent AI in your game is absolutely integral to a game’s viability. Selection of random objects, alphabets and figures is governed by this important feature

2D / 3D Environments

Our team of designers is capable of doing justice to the look and feel of any game irrespective of a 2D or 3D environment. You can be sure that the final output will be nothing short of a visual statement.

Social Integration

Apart from designing your app to perfection we can also add sharing capabilities. This allows users to share their game updates and scores effortlessly thus increasing the consumer reach of your game.

2D / 3D Environments

Our team of designers is capable of doing justice to the look and feel of any game irrespective of a 2D or 3D environment. You can be sure that the final output will be nothing short of a visual statement.

  • Music & Audio
  • Sports
  • Travel & Transport
  • Business
  • Financial
  • Social Networking
  • News
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Fashion
  • Restaurants
  • Utilities
  • Advertising
  • Medical
  • Banking

Giving life to mobile gaming industry

Apphaulic believes in delivering flawless and pixel perfect designs.

Apphaulic has always strive hard to serve the mobile gaming industry with extraordinary features and graphics. As rated among the best game app development company, we have always hired industry leading mobile game developers to design and deliver the best content.

In order to serve the mobile gaming industry we have always considered the opinion of the best mobile game developers and always look forward to integrate creativity and innovation. With the aim of being the number one game app development company, we always welcome challenges. We are always keen to follow the latest gaming industry standards and always concern security as one of the major flaw to overcome while covering the online gaming content.

Apphaulic as a unit always consider to maintain confidentiality and always focus to keep gamers across the globe safe by not exposing their personal information to unwanted online threats. In order to achieve the best mobile game development company, we always integrate a smooth and automated process of game app development to attain 100% attraction of the gamers across the globe.

We are known to integrate the expertise of a well-known game app developer to initiate an automated flow of app development process and to make sure if all the physics of the game are in order to attract all the gamers towards the essence of the game. As the leading mobile game developer company we always make sure that our every project is considered to be unique, exciting and offer all those exciting features and graphics, a console game offers to every individual.

When it comes to developing addictive games, Apphaulic is considered to be the best. We engage gameplay with high repeat user rate and always incorporate the matrix of 2D and 3D gaming on every platform. Our every game app developer is trained and skilled in such a way that it can cater to every platform. We are known to develop games for Android, iOS and Facebook applications.

We have launched exciting games such as Aerial combat, Golf course pro, NOS cause, kick off and many more. Every game that we develop undergoes, several revisions and prototyping to make sure that we overcome any kind of bug or malfunction before launching the game into the market.

As the leading game app development company, we integrate innovative app features to make it look more interesting. We are known to combine the major app development functions such as Artificial Intelligence, Social Integrations, 2D and 3D environments and the physics to always develop something according to the trend of the industry.

Mobile gaming industry has received a booming trend since Smartphones came into the industry and since Apphaulic has entered the market, the gaming industry has taken a swift turn. This is probably the best time to contact us for your online game development. Our sales and support staff are always welcoming and always looking to help you in every manner. Feel free to contact us anytime. We are always available.

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