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Our android app developers have industry specific experience, which helps us in shaping your brand’s identity and provide you an edge over competitors.

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Android Application Development

Apphaulic is one of the leading android app development companies. Our Android app developers understand what you require and provide the most customized services. We make sure to deliver top-notch android applications that get you on top of the list. Development of fascinating and user-friendly Android Custom Applications is our forte. We’re a recognized and a leading Android Application Development company around the globe.

  • Ensuring Compatibility with Diverse Screen Sizes
  • Smooth Functionality ensured with A/B Testing
  • Optimizing for Peak Performance on all Android versions
  • Ongoing Support and maintenance.

Our Work

We effectively devise the solutions that drive positive results.

Innovative App Features

Drive growth, productivity, and engagement with a Feature-Rich App

Location Services

We integrate location specific responses in your mobile application using GPS technology to enrich consumer experience.

Push Notifications

Our push notifications feature allows the application to contact the user even when the app is inactive.

In-App Purchases

We link your mobile application to iTunes and other platform to facilitate monetization.

External APIS

We integrate external APIs in mobile apps when a service is being offered through third party exclusively.

  • Music & Audio
  • Sports
  • Travel & Transport
  • Business
  • Financial
  • Social Networking
  • News
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Fashion
  • Restaurants
  • Utilities
  • Advertising
  • Medical
  • Banking

Conquering the World of Android app development

Apphaulic believes in delivering flawless and pixel perfect designs.

Apphaulic has been serving the Android app industry for over a decade and has been satisfying major brands with its unique functionality. With being the best Android app development company we have been developing top of the line mobile applications. With the help of the leading Android app developers we always welcome major challenges and never fail to succeed in developing anything which is unique and appealing to the customers.

As being rated among the best Android application development company we always follow the safety protocols and always follow the latest security standards to maintain confidentiality. We always protect our customer’s personal information and never let our customers to be exposed to any kind of online threats. Before launching any kind of android mobile application we ensure smooth functionality and always test the application through various means.

With an experience of over a decade we are proud to state that we are rated among the top 5 Android App Development Companies. Our portfolio speaks for or work and defines our worth and standings in the industry. As the leading android app development company we integrate innovative mobile application features such as location services, push notification, In-App Purchases and external APIS.

As a unit we follow a streamline process of Android App development and always satisfy our clients to the fullest. We always provide timeless solutions and always provide flexibility. We always propose and integrate ideas which are always maintainable and we have the ability to adjust our plans and strategies according to the project specifications.

With an experience of over a decade, we understand the different mobile application platforms and always work according to the assigned platform for the project. We always follow the latest industry standards and work accordingly to makes sure that the mobile application is able to cope up with the modern day software.

We always welcome different kind of challenges and are keen solve the most complex problems. We have been serving over more than 16 various industries. Our every mobile application is designed in a way to integrate your brand and customer on one page and smooth up the communication process.

Our every mobile application will definitely increase your brand awareness and will always increase your revenue in a very short period of time. Our past record states the creativity and innovation we acquire with the help of the leading android app developer.

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